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Highest quality in exterior wood varnishes

Outdoor wooden furniture and structures are constantly exposed to the elements such as the sun, rain, humidity, and wind. These weather conditions lead to their deterioration over time. For this reason, it’s crucial to protect the wood with a good exterior varnish that safeguards it, thereby extending its lifespan.

Water-based varnishes for exteriors are ideal for those seeking a more environmentally friendly alternative, as they contain fewer solvent components. Additionally, they dry faster than conventional varnishes, allowing for multiple layers to be applied in less time.


Thanks to the formation of a microporous film, moisture from the wood breathes, preventing blistering. They contain filters against sunlight, preventing damage to the wood, such as cracking or flaking.

The IRUXIL range by Irurena offers a wide array of semi-transparent and pigmented products to protect and enhance the aesthetics of all kinds of wooden surfaces.

IRUXIL ensures up to 3 years of durability for its semi-transparent colors and 10 years for opaque colors.


Do you want to protect and enhance your outdoor spaces with the finest varnishes on the market?

Request information now about Irurena’s exterior varnishes and discover how we can help you achieve maximum durability and beauty in your outdoor projects!

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Benefits provided by Irurena’s exterior varnishes

Durability of exterior varnishes against sunlight

The surface of wood, much like our skin, deteriorates with exposure to solar radiation. Within the Iruxil range, products are designed for each circumstance and the specific needs of every environment.

These products minimize damage caused by solar radiation, always considering that the effectiveness of UV protection depends not only on the product but also on the process, location, and color.

Moreover, you can find information on the places, elements, and construction standards that should be considered based on the level of wood exposure to sunlight.

• INDIRECT: Places with low exposure to the sun. Such as the north-facing side of buildings or roofed porches. When determining the varnish to use in these cases, the risk of biological attack on wood defined in Standard EN-335, use class 2, must be considered.

• DIRECT OR NORMAL: Places with moderate exposure to the sun. For instance, partially shielded facade elements like doors and windows. Their biological risk is defined in Standard EN-335, use class 2 (south-facing exposure).

• EXTREME: Places with high exposure to the sun and water. Unprotected facades, the southern side of the structure, or urban furniture. These locations carry the biological risk defined in Standard EN-335, use class 3 (south-facing exposure).

Durability of exterior varnishes against water

Wood is highly susceptible to changes in humidity and exposure to water. Hence, wood requires a coating that protects it from these harsh conditions and provides properties such as:

– The high elasticity of IRUXIL coatings helps the wood adapt to dimensional changes caused by moisture, especially in carpentry elements such as windows, doors, and structures.

– If, at the time of application, the wood contains some moisture, the adhesion of a coating may be affected. That’s why IRUXIL provides special features to ensure better adhesion to the wood.

– IRUXIL, by having high water vapor permeability properties, prevents the occurrence of defects such as cracks in the wood, blisters, or peeling.

Protection against fungi and insects

The action of fungi and insects can damage exterior wood. Xylophagous fungi, for instance, cause wood rot, while blue stain fungus can considerably damage its appearance.


The action of xylophagous insects (e.g., woodworm) can also cause damage or defects (borers), although this defect is very uncommon outdoors due to the inhibition of their growth at low temperatures..


To prevent these damages, it is recommended to apply preventively an impregnator with biocide protection like IRUXIL W-I. Validated and registered at the European level with registration number ES/APPF(NA)-2023-08-00887-1-2.


Preventing tannin stains

Tannins cause unsightly dark yellow-brown stains that can appear, especially under high humidity conditions. Certain woods such as oak, chestnut, cedar, iroko, pine knots, etc., are prone to these substances.

To prevent tannin discoloration, it’s important to select the appropriate wood species and use dried wood with a moisture content below 15%. Before installing the carpentry, all wood surfaces must be impregnated or treated with a special anti-tannin impregnator. IRUXIL PRIMER 2K SBF ANTITANINOS is a two-component primer that exhibits excellent effectiveness in blocking tannins, as seen in the comparative image.


Wood treated with impregnator without anti-tannin protection.


Wood treated with IRUXIL PRIMER 2K SBF ANTITANINOS impregnator.


Applying the suitable IRUXIL varnish for each type of exterior woodwork provides significant protection and durability. Additionally, being 100% water-based makes them much more environmentally friendly. These high-quality, durable, and resilient products offer excellent protection against UV radiation, moisture, and wear.

The IRUXIL varnishes remain elastic over time due to the aging resistance of their resins. Certified according to EN-927-3.

The choice of the right varnish for exterior wood will depend on the project’s needs and the preferences of the person applying it. In any case, it is important to opt for a high-quality and durable product that provides effective protection and extends the wood’s lifespan. Irurena’s exterior wood varnishes are an excellent option to achieve this goal, offering excellent protection and an aesthetic finish for all types of wooden structures and carpentry.

Within the IRUXIL range, there is a specific process for each project. Whatever the case may be, at Irurena, we have the perfect protection for your wood.

Access the complete catalogue now, where you will find detailed explanations on how to protect exterior wood, valuable tips, and a detailed description of the various IRUXIL processes.

Click on the download link and get ready to transform your project into something extraordinary.


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