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UV-Cured Varnishes

UV-cured varnishes for high production speeds to reduce the emission of VOCs for compliance with Royal Decree 117 in high-production businesses.

Our 30 years of constant research efforts mean we have worked alongside leading furniture companies. This type of curing achieves technological solutions capable of satisfying market needs.

Access a multitude of UV finishes: transparent, pigmented, maximum-coverage, high-gloss, open-pore, natural-look, extra-matte, scratch-resistant, etc.

UV products

UV Solvents

Solvent-based UV varnishes formulated for spray or curtain coating applications. Variety of glosses, different types of finish, open-pore or closed-pore… with variable VOC content depending on the solids applied.

100% Solid UV

For spray, curtain or roller application to reduce VOC emissions. The catalogue contains several products with BIO content from the use of biorenewables in the manufacture of raw materials.

Water-based UV Cured

Water-based varnishes for UV curing with low VOC content, high chemical resistance, high durability and excellent finishes for spray or curtain coating applications.

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