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The IRURENA brand, born as a family business in 1969, is our industrial wood division.

Market-leading brand that meets the needs of the wood industry.

We use advanced technology to develop high-performance varnishes for the industrial sector. The greatest benefit for our customers is receiving continuous training and personalised care, in order to ensure they achieve optimal results in their varnishing processes. Solvent- or water-based coatings, with UV protection, for flame-retardant safety, antimicrobial performance, and much more. Ask about your area of interest.

Our Varnishes

Solvent Base

Wide range of outstanding solvent-based varnishes for all types of applications.


Series of water-based varnishes for the industrial sector.


Curing by ultraviolet light irradiation. Considered high technical qualification coatings.


Series of outdoor varnishes that protect, nourish and embellish outdoor wood.


A fire-retardant varnish for every need

Through the Irurena brand, we offer a range of IRUFIRE varnishing processes to protect wood with outstanding results in terms of reaction to fire according to European EN 13501-1.

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High-performance varnishes with antimicrobial protection

Special varnishes with excellent properties and permanent protection without the need for additional disinfection.

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Kolore Colour mixing System

With Kolore, we offer the colour you want in a wide range of products. Contact our Customer Care Service and get the colour you need.

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Customer Care


Advice, personalised training and direct communication with the customer to ensure optimal product quality and answer any questions.

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    Point-of-sale solutions
  • After-sales training
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    (Technical Support Service)
  • CS
    (Customer Care Service)

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