03 / 02 / 2024

UV water-based varnishes. Color and elegance to Salgar.

Water-based UV varnishes for bathroom furniture

UV water-based varnishes for a world where sustainability has become a priority. Companies are taking significant steps to reduce their environmental impact. In this context, Salgar, a renowned manufacturer of bathroom furniture, has taken a bold commitment towards sustainability.

In its quest to contribute to environmental care, Salgar has embraced innovation by implementing Irurena’s water-based UV varnishes in the manufacturing of its products.

This approach not only aims to enhance the aesthetic quality of its furniture but also reflects a strong determination to minimize its ecological footprint.

UV water-based varnishes have thus become an increasingly popular choice for those seeking a balance between excellence in finishing and a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Image provided by the bathroom furniture manufacturer Salgar.

What are UV water-based varnishes?

UV water-based varnishes are a category of high-quality coatings used in the furniture and woodworking industry. These varnishes combine UV technology with a water-based base.

In addition to being an environmentally friendly option due to their low content of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), they are a range of finishes known for their high durability and resistance properties.

Advantages they can offer you

  • They combine the eco-friendly properties of water-based products with the fast-curing times offered by UV products.
  • Are more sustainable, reducing environmental impact.
  • They allow for similar productivity to solvent-based UV products but with a significant reduction in VOCs.
  • Offer very good chemical resistance.
  • Allow an excellent coverage on all surfaces, with a variety of colors and shapes.
  • Provide excellent adhesion to different substrates such as MDF, melamine, etc.
  • They have excellent color stability.

Image provided by the bathroom furniture manufacturer Salgar.

The magic of Salgar’s furniture is intensified by the distinctive touch of the finish provided by Irurena. This miraculous ultra-matte varnish, with ultraviolet (UV) water-based drying, is available in a color palette that includes white, anthracite gray, forest green, Blue Fog, Blue Night, Macchiato, and more.

Images provided by the bathroom furniture manufacturer Salgar.

The excellence of this product is evident in an exceptionally homogeneous finish. The silky touch adds a dimension of luxury to these furniture pieces, while the excellent chemical resistance, demonstrated through rigorous testing according to the bathroom furniture standard UNE 56867, supports its durability and quality.

Image provided by the bathroom furniture manufacturer Salgar.

The commitment of large-scale manufacturers like Salgar to sustainability and quality has led them to choose water-based UV varnishes. Collaboration with Irurena has proven to be a crucial step in achieving exceptional finishes, such as the ultra-matte finish, which not only adds excellent aesthetics to the furniture but also meets rigorous standards of chemical resistance and durability.

If you’re looking to transform your products with advanced technology varnishes and environmental commitment, contact us today! Discover how Irurena can take your creations to new heights, combining innovation and sustainability in every layer of water-based UV varnish. We’re here to bring your projects to life with finishes that make a difference.

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