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Print Process. Wood imitation on MDF with engraved roller

In the world of wooden furniture manufacturing, one option for obtaining a wood imitation on MDF substrate is through a process called Print. The constant search for more efficient and aesthetically appealing methods has led to the development of various highly advanced techniques, albeit much more expensive for manufacturers of large furniture production lines. In this context, for those large production lines equipped with the necessary machinery, the Print process is a cost-effective alternative.

What is the Print Process?

It is a technique of direct printing on MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) panels previously sealed and colored with ultraviolet curing varnishes, using specific inks for rollers engraved with wood patterns. The steps involve sealing the MDF with one or two rollers of a transparent UV-cured varnish, followed by 2 layers of coloured UV-cured varnish, then one or two layers of inks applied with engraved rollers, and a final layer of protective UV-cured finish.



Wood before and after roller printing.

Benefits of using the Print Process in wooden furniture

The Print Process allows the reproduction of the pattern engraved on the roller, being a more economical alternative for large-scale productions compared to digital printing machines. This process is faster and requires less machinery than water-based Print technology since UV curing products are applied, going directly under lamps. In other words, we don’t need evaporation tunnels as in the case of water-based varnishes. The applied inks dry quickly (no need for evaporation tunnels) and faithfully reproduce the roller pattern with good resolution.

UV-cured products do not dry out on the roller; they are 100% solid and perfectly reusable, whereas water-based products tend to dry out on the roller and cause thickening issues. In other words, they are not as stable as UV-cured varnishes on the roller.


Print with Irurena’s water-based inks.

Types of furniture where the Print Process can be applied

Interior of living room and dining room furniture.
Interior of wardrobes.
Backs of wardrobes.
Bottoms of bed bases.

Irurena’s Print Process is especially geared towards high-production lines and high operating speeds, with a lower cost compared to new digital printing technologies and better chemical and mechanical resistances than conventional water-based products for this type of application.

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