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Varnishes and paints for interior naval equipment

The IRUFIRE IMO marine interior equipment coatings are a range of processes that allow for the protection and decoration of cabins, meeting rooms, and any other interior space within vessels.

What are the varnishes and paints for interior equipment in the naval sector?

They are painting systems that comply with the required regulations to obtain a coating with characteristics of low flame propagation for the interior equipment of ships. For seafaring vessels according to SOLAS 74/88.

Commercial ships can only be coated with paints certified by IMO. These are easily identifiable by the image of a rudder and the number of the certifying body appearing on the labels of the containers verifying their certification.


To ascertain whether a product complies with the legislation, one can consult EMSA, the European Maritime Safety Agency. All certified and valid products are listed there.

At Irurena, you have access to a range of products that enable us to obtain a wide variety of transparent or pigmented coatings, with varying coverage and different levels of gloss.

What kind of applications can they be used for?

We have four types of coatings available. All formulated for application by spraying, with some designed to cure at room temperature while others are suitable for curing with ultraviolet (UV) light lamps. As you can see, we can provide coatings that best suit your production method.

IRUFIRE IMO Coatings for Interior Equipment in the Naval Sector

Easy-to-apply products that cure rapidly, boasting strong adhesion, favorable chemical properties, and light resistance.

• IRUFIRE IMO-1 PUR-ACRYLIC: High-coverage paint system, pigmented, and available in different gloss levels.

• IRUFIRE IMO-2 ACRYLIC: Transparent or pigmented paint system, available in different gloss levels.

• IRUFIRE IMO-1 UV: High-coverage paint system. Pigmented and available in different gloss levels. Products cured by UV radiation lamps.

• IRUFIRE IMO-2 UV SPRAY: Transparent paint system available in different gloss levels. Products cured by UV radiation lamps.

With certified IRUFIRE IMO paints, you comply with existing regulations and ensure providing the best solution to protect and beautify the equipment of the vessels.


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